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HaxBall Community

This is a list of various sites devoted to the HaxBall community.

In them you'll find game tips, forums, tournaments and other useful stuff in different languages.

If you own a HaxBall community website let us know and we'll link you from here (it might take a week or two before it's updated). Sites and language sections are sorted in chronological order (oldest to newest)


  • HaxBall Subreddit — A subreddit about HaxBall.
  • Haxball.gr — League & Cup generator for Haxball. Keep track of your Tournaments!
  • HaxBall Australia/NZ — Australian and New Zealand community forum for Haxball.
  • Feed Me Haxball — British and Irish HaxBall Community.
  • HaxMaps — HaxBall stadiums repository.
  • HaxPuck — HaxBall stadium editor.
  • Hax Colors — HaxBall team colors editor and repository.
  • HaxBall Galaxy — HaxBall league based on the United Kingdom.
  • WHF — International HaxBall community with prize pools, HaxBall manager mode and many other things!
  • HaxCups — Daily ranked games, weekly cups and more!
  • HaxballEU — European HaxBall communities.
  • We Are HaxBall — Real Soccer League.
  • SkyHaxball — English Haxball League.
  • makers.gg — Community which runs tournaments of various games, including HaxBall
  • FutHax by EFC — Futsal community providing public rooms, League, Tournaments, Radio and Live Twitch.
  • 6man.lt — Automated 6 man room with rankings and tournaments.
  • eHaxball — eHaxball provides a 4v4 Haxball League for European players and also organizes fun cup organizations in different maps.



  • haxlife.com — Turkish HaxBall community.
  • Haxball Club — Haxball Club provides public game rooms and calculating player statistics every week.
  • haxcommunity.org — Turkish HaxBall community.


  • HaxBall Portugal — Forum, tourneys and leagues for Portuguese HaxBall players.



  • HaxBall Suomi — Draft league and meeting place for Finnish HaxBallers.


  • FXP HaxBall forum — Forum with tournaments, guides for HaxBall, news, and other stuff.



  • HaxBall.lt — Lithuanian HaxBall community with leagues, tournaments, streams, forum, news and more.